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September 22, 2014

Everis integrates QRIntl electronic medical records solutions to reduce medical errors

everis integrates QRIntl electronic medical records solutions to reduce medical errors

everis and Quality Resources International (QRIntl) have signed an agreement to jointly implement the ehCOS Clinic and QRIntl electronic health record solutions, in order to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety.

everis and QRIntl will add information to the electronic health records (EHR) of patients increasing the value of the data available to healthcare professionals. Specifically, they will have access to alerts and notifications, to the knowledge of leading specialists worldwide, regulations, indicators, adverse events and best and safe practices on a global level to prevent errors in the EHR.

Through this alliance, the two companies will join forces to improve the quality of health care service, leveraging their expertise and experience in all the countries they are present. Specifically, QRIntl will offer its specialist knowledge in quality and patient safety, while everis will contribute in the area of development and implementation of products and solutions of e-health, such as EHR.

Patient Safety

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that globally each year tens of millions of patients suffer disabling injuries or die from medical malpractice or insufficient attention, and estimates that even in developed countries one in 10 patients suffers some type of injury during their stay in hospital as a result of errors or adverse events, and up to 50% of the complications that arise in surgical care are in fact avoidable.

Patient safety in the health sector today is fundamental in healthcare services, given the probability that a patient suffers some type of injury as the result of medical care is 1 out of 300, a figure much higher than other “high-risk” activities such as aviation where the figure is 1 out of 1,000,000.

Statements on the Agreement

“In everis we look for partners that allow us to offer high added value services to our clients. The experience of QRIntl in terms of accreditation and patient safety is recognized throughout the world and we are confident that together we can offer a first class service. Furthermore, QRIntl is the perfect partner to mantain our ehCOS products up to date with the most advanced international practices on patient safety, which is undoubtedly one of the pillars upon which rests the whole design of our solutions”, says Mario Chao, partner of everis health.

Dr. David Jaimovich, president of QRIntl says his company “was set up with the aim of meeting the needs of healthcare organizations that strive to offer the best possible care to their patients in their facilities and organizational systems, which require improvement and advancement of their processes in the field of health, to adapt to the rapid changes in medicine and technology we have experienced in recent decades. Therefore our partnership with everis part of the NTT DATA group, one of the top consulting companies on a global level and leading developer of technology solutions in health, allows us to offer unique solutions and our expertise in patient safety, for the improvement of tools that enhance the quality of health care, as is the case of the ehCOS products designed by everis “.

For further information, please contact Quality Resources International, Inc.

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