Carlos González Fuentes, MD MHA

A physician with a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration and specialized training in disaster planning and response for hospitals, Carlos Gonzalez Fuentes currently serves as Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Hospital del Trauma. Previously he was Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Hospital La Católica in Costa Rica where he led the hospital in successful preparation for Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Through his years of education and practice, Dr. Gonzalez has gained extensive experience in ethics and safety, multidisciplinary patient care, development of policies, procedures and protocols, hospital emergency planning, and employee training. He has presented on diverse topics in quality and safety at conferences and trainings internationally. He represented Hospital La Católica in a national accreditation project of the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica and the Canadian Council of Accreditation. In addition, he is currently training as a Black Belt in Healthcare Six Sigma.

Dr. Gonzalez has been a senior member of the QRI consulting team for five years, preparing hospitals for JCI accreditation and Accreditation Canada International. He frequently serves as faculty for seminars on quality and safety topics as well as accreditation preparation.

Dr. Gonzalez is fluent in Spanish and English.