David Jaimovich, MD

Dr. David Jaimovich is the President and founder of Quality Resources International. As the former Chief Medical Officer and Vice President for International Accreditation Services for Joint Commission International and Joint Commission Resources, Dr. Jaimovich realized the need to develop quality and performance improvement programs and patient safety initiatives within clinical settings worldwide.

He has worked closely with governments and healthcare agencies on five continents. Under his leadership, Quality Resources International is developing programs with a social agenda, providing technical assistance and consulting, as well as, comprehensive educational programs to improve patient safety and quality of care. His particular interest is in physician engagement in the hospital environment.

He frequently presents at national and international conferences on such topics as performance and quality improvement, accreditation operations and standards development. He has published numerous books, articles and chapters on Quality and Safety, Standards Development, Pediatrics and Transport Medicine. Dr. Jaimovich holds academic appointments as an associate professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of Illinois, and an Honorary Professorship at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. In July, 2015 he receive an Honorary Doctorate from the Siglo XXI/UNAM in Mexico City for his contributions in healthcare quality and safety around the world.