Elsa Amelia Juárez Rojas

The Director of Quality at Hospital Medica Sur, a renowned organization in Mexico City, Mexico, affiliated with the National Institute of Health. She began her professional career working at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as a translator of healthcare related publications into Spanish for use in Latin America.

Ms. Juarez has over 15 years of experience in management positions. She was previously affiliated with two large healthcare systems with facilities throughout Mexico where she was known for leading preparation for Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation, strategic quality management and increasing levels of hospital staff productivity, restructuring ineffective hospital processes, cost containment and improving profits. As Managing Director of Quirón Consultores, in Monterrey, Mexico, she lectured on Quality Health Models, ISO 9001:2000, and Hospital Quality Systems. She developed and implemented healthcare quality and safety projects for 26 Mexican hospitals across Mexico. In addition to healthcare quality and safety, Ms. Juarez has specialized training and expertise in international hospital architectural and engineering standards for new facilities and renovations

A QRIntl Consultant since its inception in 2009, she is fluent in Spanish and English.