Elsa Duran Echeverri, RN MSN

A Master Black Belt in Healthcare Six Sigma methodology and Total Quality Management specialist, Ms. Duran is currently the Project Manager of Hospital Fundación Santa Fe, a large JCI Accredited hospital in Colombia. Previously she was the Logistics Manager with responsibilities that included the purchasing processes, biomedical technology management, security and safety, infrastructure and housekeeping processes. With her extensive experience in healthcare quality control, development of new clinical and administrative programs, strategic planning and research, Ms. Duran was one of the leaders responsible for the national (ICONTEC) and JCI accreditation process. She has over 20 years experience teaching in undergraduate and graduate university programs. Ms. Duran earned a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Alabama in the USA and was the head of a nursing department with 400 personnel for over a decade, her clinical experience includes the ICU, cardiovascular surgery and transplant coordination. She has been a part of the QRIntl consulting team for over five years.

As a Senior QRIntl consultant, she has worked with healthcare organizations on three continents providing preparation for accreditation by JCI, seminars on diverse topics in quality and safety as well as Healthcare Six Sigma services and education. In addition to her QRIntl Consultant responsibilities, Ms. Duran is an evaluator of the National Quality Accreditation Process of Colombia. She is fluent in Spanish and English.