Gaston Gabin MD, MBA

A Medical Doctor with a Masters Degree, Dr. Gabin has extensive experience in hospital administration including fiscal operations. He is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Hospital Universitario Austral, a large JCI Accredited academic hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His responsibilities include maintaining awareness of the latest advances in medicine, computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, government regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options to ensure that the hospital remains an internationally respected healthcare organization. Reviewing and analyzing facility activities and data to aid in planning and cash and risk management to improve service utilization. Managing change in integrated healthcare delivery systems including work restructuring, technological innovations, and shifts in the focus of care. Preparing reports for leadership on the status and implementation plans of programs, services, and quality initiatives. Maintaining communication between governing boards, medical staff, and department heads by attending board meetings and coordinating interdepartmental functioning.

A senior QRIntl Consultant, Dr. Gabin is fluent in Spanish and English.